Astellas will set up a drug manufacturing in Turkey

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Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas has decided to manufacture medications in Gebze in its 10th year of operation in Turkey.

In the first stage, contract manufacturing will be discussed for the production of medication for urinary tract ailments. The Japanese company is one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and has joined the localization campaign in pharmaceuticals.

Speaking at a press conference to celebrate its 10th year in Turkey, Astellas Turkey General Manager Mark Dekker said they entered an agreement with Santa Farma for the production of one of their eight medicines currently on sale in Turkey.

“We will make an important investment in technology in order to start production in our factories in Gebze,” Dekker said. “It is an investment of $3 million. It is also on our agenda to produce a second medicine here. We will be producing 25 percent of the products here in a short time.” Dekker also said that they have invested 4 million euros to date for clinical trials in Turkey. “This is important to show that we will maintain our presence in Turkey. We have grown 60 percent in the past two years.”

Commenting on the continuation of investments despite the Turkish pharmaceutical industry’s complaints regarding price arrangements, Dekker cited the size of the Turkish pharmaceutical market.

“The pricing structure in Turkey is compelling for us. But of course, we should not ignore the positive results this has brought to Turkey,” he said, adding that thanks to this, access to medicine is rather high in Turkey.

SOURCE: daily sabah
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