Active Сomponent plans to increase its output by 30% in 2018

| By | Aktivny Komponent, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In 2017, Active Component, a company, sold about 55 tons of active pharmaceutical substances, that is 43% more than a year earlier. The company’s revenue increased by 12%.

Active Component wants to gain leading position among the manufacturers of pharmaceutical substances not only in Russia, but also in Europe. To this end, it will build a new plant in the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg. The investments in this project will reach 2 billion rubles, and the first stage of production site will be launched this year. Once the new plant is commissioned by 2020, the total production capacity of Active Component will be brought up to 140 tons a year.

“Today, we already negotiate starting and expanding the collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies that have their production facilities in Europe, Middle East, Eurasian Customs Union, and the Caribbean. In the long term we intend to gradually increase the sales volume and the number of produced pharmaceutical substances, and we will also expand the geography of supplies,” said Alexander Semenov, the President of Active Component.

He emphasized that, in 2018, the company plans to raise its output by 30%, and undergo at least four international audits conducted by foreign companies, after which the enterprise will start to supply its active pharmaceutical substances both to Russian- and foreign-based subsidiaries of these companies.

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