A drug for restoring the liver function successfully passed preclinical tests

| By | Drug Development, Preсlinical Studies

In Tomsk, the scientists from the Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) are completing the preclinical studies of a unique drug that normalizes the liver detox function and has no obvious undesirable pharmacological properties.

“Currently, the chronic liver diseases are treated with hepatoprotective drugs. As the means of pathogenetic therapy, they prevent the destruction of liver cells, but have virtually no effect on functional activity of the liver. The transforming function of the liver (which makes substances taken into body harmless and removes them) is affected by many substances but, for almost all drugs, this is not the main property. Such effect, for example, can be exerted by very potent antibiotics (however, they have another purpose) or by barbiturates, which produce a strong effect on nervous system. Currently, there is no pure inductor that affects the liver’s monoxygenase system,” said Mikhail Belousov, the Head of Pharmaceutical Analysis Department at SSMU.

The base substance was synthesized and tested for its primary activity by the scientists from Bashkortostan State Medical University. SSMU conducted the full cycle of preclinical studies, the results of which confirm the ability of drug to affect the liver detox function, as well as its safety for the body.