Rostec starts digital labeling of medicinal products manufactured at its plants

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As part of the drug labeling project, NPO Microgen of Nacimbio holding company, a part of Rostec Corporation, has completed the initial pilot stage.

The starting lot of medicinal products in the total amount of 12.8 thousand consumer packages has been already labeled by the Ufa branch of NPO Microgen. This included Prostacor®, a drug with control identification mark used for the treatment of prostate diseases. The project is based on bar-coding technology and contributes to the fight against counterfeit drugs by allowing to check the information on the products in any health facility or pharmacy.

The labeling is implemented through the use of hardware and software system, which applies a 2D barcode with information about the manufacturer, name, batch, release date and shelf life of the drug at the final stage of its production. After labeling, the data on the drug are transmitted to the unified state information system for further identification during its circulation within the Russian Federation.

Kirill Gaidash, the General Director of NPO Microgen, said, “By 2020, we expect to label all our drugs, more than 350 medicinal products. The project will strengthen the protection of public against counterfeit and substandard medicines. Anyone can use a special app in a smartphone to read the code on the package and get all information regarding the medicinal product stored in the unified state information system.”

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