R-Pharm and Human Longevity will establish genome analysis centers in Russia

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R-Pharm, a Russian group of companies, and Human Longevity, Inc., an American corporation, have signed an agreement on collaboration in the area of human genome research and diagnostics.

The joint efforts of the companies should results in the establishment of several diagnostic centers providing services for genetic data analysis in Russia and CIS.

The management of both companies emphasized the particular importance of studying the human genome which, in the future, could lead to the creation of fundamentally more effective medicinal products that could radically improve the quality and length of human life. The understanding of the human genome functioning and what are its building blocks has paved the way to the emergence of a new generation of personalized drugs. This will expand the capabilities of medicine to make early diagnosis for tremendous number of various diseases and synthesize artificial organs for transplantation.

“Together with our colleagues from Human Longevity, a global leader in terms of the number of sequenced genomes, we are launching a project to establish the centers for compilation of genomic and medical data in Russia. As early as this year, we will begin the construction of the first center, where our company will perform the full range of works for diagnosis and analysis of data obtained with the methods of Human Longevity. The diagnostic centers will allow us to detect diseases associated with aging even before they emerge, and prepare the so-called “risk profiles.” Very soon, the patients in Russia will have the opportunity to use the combination of standard medical tests, DNA analysis, and traditional diagnostic methods for preparing a “health plan” for the years ahead,” said Alexey Repik, the Chairman of the Board at R‑Pharm Group.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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