Merck will promote its products in Russia independently

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Merck KGaA, a science and technology company, announced that, from January 1, 2018, following the expiration of the partnership agreement with Takeda, the distribution and marketing rights for its cardiovascular drugs (Concor®, Concor® Cor, Concor® AM, Lodoz)  and cerebrovascular drugs (Encephabol®) in Russia transferred to Merck LLC.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality in Russia, as they accounted for more than 47.8% of deaths (616 per 100 thousand people) in 2016. The timely treatment of cardiovascular diseases improves the quality of life and increases the life expectancy.

“In the European countries, the average life expectancy is higher than in Russia. For example, in Germany, it is 80.9 years; in Italy, 83.1 years; in France, 82.2 years; in Spain, 82.6 years; while in Russia, it is 70.1 years. We can positively influence these statistics. We see that it is possible to extend the active life of Russian people by promoting healthy lifestyles and holding regular medical checkups,  forming in patients an understanding of the importance of adherence to therapy, and ensuring the availability of high quality and effective drugs.  This is the international experience that should be used in Russia, and Merck will contribute to its promotion,” said Dr. Matthias Wernicke. General Manager, Merck Biopharma Russia and CIS.

The secondary packaging and release quality control of Concor® and Concor® Cor will be done by the manufacturing facilities of Nanolek, a Russian biopharmaceutical company and partner.

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