Kazakhstan reaches important milestone of its National Drug Policy development

| By | Drug Quality Control, Kazakhstan

At the end of 2017, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed the order approving the Kazakhstan National Formulary (KNF). KNF will be for the first time approved at the legislative level, which is an important milestone in the development of the National Drug Policy and introduction of the formulary system in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan National Formulary is a list of medicines with proven clinical efficacy and safety containing the information on medicinal products and prices and providing a mandatory basis for preparing drug formularies in health care institutions and compiling the drug procurement lists within the framework of guaranteed free medical care and the system of compulsory social health insurance.

KNF includes the drugs registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan and included in the British National Formulary (BNF). If a medicine is not included in the BNF, the Center for the Rational Use of Medicines of the Republican State Enterprise on the Right of Economic Management “Republican Center for Health Development” will conduct a systematic search for evidence of the clinical efficacy of medicinal product and the results of that analysis will be submitted to the Formulary Committee of Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan. In case of proven clinical efficacy, the medicine will be included in the KNF. The levels of evidence (A, B, C, D) set in the recommendations of the Oxford Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine will be specified for all indications with regard to medicinal products included in the KNF but not included in the BNF.