Finland takes out Velcade cancer drug from hospitals

| By | Cancer Drugs, Drug Quality Control

According to Yle Uutiset, Finnish pharmaceutical regulator Fimea has ordered hospital staff to stop the use of the cancer drug Velcade because it found that several batches of the drug were counterfeit.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, Fimea said that European health officials investigated incidents of suspected fake versions of the drug last autumn.

A shipment of Velcade which arrived to Finland in December is suspected of being fake, according to Fimea. The agency said it suspects that a total of nine packages from that shipment had been used, but said it had not received any notifications about adverse side effects after their use.

Fimea said that it is investigating whether it actually is a case of counterfeit medicine and has ordered that the Velcade in that shipment cannot be used or sold in Finland until further notice.

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