EEC approves the Good Practice Rules for processing of herbal materials

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On January 26, the meeting of the EEC Council held in the headquarters of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) adopted the Good Practice Rules for growing, harvesting, processing and storing the starting materials of herbal origin.

Among other things, the provisions of the document apply to medicinal herbal materials grown in accordance with the rules of organic production, and to the harvesting of wild medicinal plants.

The application of these rules will allow to establish a uniform approach to the handling of starting materials at the stages of growing, harvesting, and storing in the member states of the Union. The rules are harmonized with the Guideline on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) for Starting Materials of Herbal Origin of the European Medicines Agency.

The document contains a list of minimum requirements to the premises for processing and storing the medicinal herbal materials, preparation of documents for harvested or collected materials, which allows to trace their history of cultivation (harvesting). A separate section stipulates the requirements that must be set forth in the contracts during the procurement of materials by the manufacturer of herbal medicines.

The rules provide for the establishment of an effective system for quality assurance of medicinal herbal materials, including the establishment of standards and rules that will guarantee the safety of consumers, ensure the separate storage of different plants, and avoid damage to the environment.​

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