Biokhimik will begin to produce more than 20 latest-generation antibiotics

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The development of Biokhimik plant was discussed during the working meeting between Vladimir Volkov, the Head of the Russian Republic of Mordovia, and Pyotr Bely, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promomed Management Company LLC.

Vladimir Volkov emphasized that the project to develop and manufacture the fifth-generation antibiotics has tremendous importance for Russia because, today, the substances for most antibacterial drugs are imported from China, India, Korea, and Europe.

“Establishing the full-cycle manufacturing of new antibiotics is our contribution to national drug provision security. The project addresses the issues of import substitution and reduces dependence on foreign drug manufacturers,” said the Head of the Republic.

Last summer, a lab of Biokhimik  produced the first Russian-made substance for Vancomycin, an antibiotic, using the full-cycle synthesis process. In October, the company produced the first pilot batch of the substance for this antibiotic. Next, the sample of Russian-made substance was examined by the experts who found that, in terms of quality, it was equal  to substances made by foreign manufacturers.

Currently, the company is about to start the industrial manufacturing of as many as four substances. Within three years, Biokhimik will launch the manufacturing of more than 20 latest-generation antibiotics.