Belarus will increase the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in 2018

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By developing its own pharmaceutical industry, Belarus saves $230-250 million annually on the imports of medicinal products. These figures were announced by the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vasily Zharko.

“Belarus implements advanced technology and introduces new approaches to the treatment of diseases which, among other things, allows to expand the exports of medical services. The pharmaceutical industry is developing, because we have established new production facilities, upgraded existing plants and now introduce manufacturing of new drugs. In 2017, the share of Belarusian drugs was 56-57% in monetary terms. This means that we save $230-250 million annually on the imports of medicinal products,” said Vasily Zharko.

According to the reports, in the Minsk region alone, the plans provide for a 6.3% increase in the output of pharmaceutical products in 2018. Compared to 2017, the higher output of pharmaceuticals this year will be ensured primarily by manufacturing of new products.

For example, Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations JSC is expected to increase its output by 8.5% following the completion of the innovative project for the reconstruction of ampoule manufacturing facility and launch of new medicinal products. In 2018, the company plans to bring to 23% the share of innovative products in the total volume of shipped goods.

Lekpharm JLLC is developing more than 36 medicinal products. In 2018, this company is expected to increase its output by 2.2%.