Anton Katlinsky says that Russia cannot wait in a queue to get the vaccines

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Anton Katlinsky, the Advisor to the CEO of Nacimbio, a subsidiary holding company of Rostec Corporation, and the President of FORT, a biopharmaceutical company, discussed with other experts the scenarios for provision of vaccines to the Russian market.

He emphasized that Russia cannot wait in queue for vaccines in the event of any emergency and, for that reason, it should actively promote its own developments as well as localize the manufacturing in Russia. Mr. Katlinsky said that the compliance with high quality standards and control over the vaccines used for public immunization are the key conditions for ensuring the biological security of Russia.

In addition, the expert noted that one of the main objectives of Nacimbio is to ensure the maximum localization of vaccine manufacturing. Mr. Katlinsky said that the company had already reached some preliminary agreements with the major foreign manufacturers and continues to be active in the area of technology transfer for manufacturing the vaccines. According to the expert, the compliance with international standards and provision of guarantees for the state order (i. e., the implementation of the sole supplier mechanism) underpin the effective collaboration both with the international manufacturers and Russian developers.

An important news is the initiative announced by the Russian Ministry of Health to establish an independent panel of experts for the development of National Immunization Calendar. Anton Katlinsky said that this expert body must include the manufacturers of vaccines.

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