30 pharma projects worth $250 million were completed in Belarus over 5 years

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According to preliminary estimates, in 2017, the output of pharmaceutical products in Belarus was more than 1 billion Belarusian rubles, which is a 3.8-fold increase in actual prices or 1.7-fold increase in dollar-denominated equivalent compared to 2012.

776 new medicinal products were registered and their production started, and 30 projects with a total cost of $250 million were completed in 2012-2017 ($56 million of foreign direct investments were attracted on a net basis).

Overall, the implementation of investment and innovation projects allowed to create a new pharmaceutical industry in Belarus with a highly profitable manufacturing that meets the international standards of good manufacturing practice. This ensured the drug provision security and import substitution of medicinal products at the level of more than 50% of the market in value terms. In health care institutions, the share of Belarusian medicines accounts for more than 70% in value terms and more than 80% in terms of packages.

More than 1.5 thousand Belarusian drugs have been registered at the moment. They allow effective treatment for almost all major diseases, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and TB.

Belarusian manufacturers supply 40% of medicinal products available at the domestic market. The pharmacies ensure that people have access to the medicines in all price categories. At the same time, the domestically manufactured analogs have lower prices.