Two more Armenian pharmaceutical manufacturers receive GMP certificates

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Tufenkji Group and Bio-Chem, two Armenian pharmaceutical companies, have received GMP certificates. As a result, there are now five Armenian companies operating in accordance with GMP standards.

Sergey Khachatryan, the Deputy Minister of Health of Armenia, handed over the certificates of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to Carlo Gaspar and Ashot Avetisyan, the Directors of Tufenkji Group and Bio-Chem, respectively.

“By doing this, the Ministry confirms that your products meet the international standards of good practice. But this is only the beginning,” said Mr. Khachatryan by adding that he hoped to see this qualitative leap forward becoming the foundation for new R&D in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as higher exports of products and search of attractive markets for Armenia.

Carlo Gaspar said that the availability of GMP certificate is a prerequisite for exporting the generic drugs. He also assured that, in 2018, Tufenkji Group will enter the international market.

Overall, 5 out of 19 pharmaceutical companies in Armenia are already operating in accordance with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice. This includes Liqvor, Arpimed, and Pharmatech.
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