Three pharmaceutical plants in Kazakhstan will manufacture 19 insulins

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Kazakhstan

Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex, Hikma CIS and Eleas, the three manufacturers in Kazakhstan, plan to start producing 19 insulins under the long-term contracts with SK-Pharmacy.

According to Shariya Ismukhanova, the acting Chairman of the Board of SK-Pharmacy, the Single Distributor makes the procurement of 22 insulins for the patients with diabetes mellitus each year. Nevertheless, from time to time, there are some shortages in the provision of insulins to patients.

According to the head of the Single Distributor, the solution for this problem will be the domestic manufacturing of insulins. “At this point, we concluded three long-term contracts with companies in Kazakhstan that are planning to launch the manufacturing of insulins in the coming years. These companies were selected in an open tender held by the Single Distributor.”

Under the contracts, the companies must, within five years, set up the manufacturing of medicines in accordance with international GMP. Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex is planning to produce 8 insulins, and another 8 will be manufactured by Eleas. A project implemented by Hikma Pharmaceuticals, a new investor in the market of Kazakhstan, provides for the production of 3 more insulins.

As soon as the manufacturing of world-class pharmaceutical products will be established in Kazakhstan, the insulins for the free provision to patients with diabetes mellitus will be purchased from domestic manufacturers for the next 10 years.