Sechenov University will develop drugs for the treatment of malaria

| By | Drug Development, Innovative Medicines, R&D

Sechenov University has passed the competitive selection for receiving the subsidy under the Federal Target-Oriented Program “R&D in Priority Areas for Development of Science and Technology Complex of Russia in 2014-2020″ of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The project will include the performance of applied research on the subject of finding and creating the innovative medicinal products for the treatment of malaria and other vector-borne protozooses based on telomerase inhibitors. The project is aimed at studying the telomerase inhibitors to identify any compounds with potential antiprotozoal activity and create on their basis he effective and safe drugs that would be active against vector-borne protozooses. The selection of promising drug candidates, creation of innovative medicinal products based on the latest achievements of molecular medicine and their introduction in the practice of fight against vector-borne protozooses, primarily, malaria, will allow to lower the number of deaths from malaria and other protozooses, and reduce the economic damage from these diseases.

Given the importance of overcoming the drug resistance, and finding the effective and low-toxic medicines for the treatment of vector-borne protozooses, the positive results of this study will be brought to the users with the involvement of international organizations. The production of developed drugs in the Russian Federation will ensure the independence of Russia from imports with regard to this class of medicinal products.