Russian pharma companies are registering medicines in more than 60 countries

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When Pharma-2020, a federal program, was launched in 2010, its first priority was to provide domestically manufactured medicines, that are affordable in terms of price and acceptable in terms of quality to Russian patients, including the analogs of the most effective foreign drugs. But, at the same time, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced that the strategic goal was to develop the innovative medicinal products in Russia and bring them to international markets.

Today, eight years later, the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies are registering their medicines in more than 60 countries around the world. Moreover, the focus on exports is set not only for the products localized by the foreign manufacturers in Russia, but also for the medicines produced by the Russian companies.

Biotech is one of the most promising areas in modern pharmacology. In recent years, several Russian companies, including Biocad, R-Pharm, and Generium, made a breakthrough by developing and introducing to the market their complex biologics required for the treatment of severe diseases, in particular, the rare ones included in the List of 7 High-Cost Nosologies.

Last year, Biocad begun to export a drug based on monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of blood cancer. The first country was Vietnam and, later, the contracts were signed with the other countries of South and South-East Asia.

“In the international market, the success of the Russian-made biosimilar is driven by several factors. The high quality of the drug was confirmed in the large-scale international clinical trials. At the same time, its price is significantly lower than for Western medicines. This has opened the opportunities for providing the medicine to severely affected patients who, for a long time, couldn’t afford it due to the high cost,” said Dmitry Morozov, the CEO of the company.