Russian government elaborated a mechanism for drug labeling support

| By | Drug Marking, IDF, Ministry of Industry and Trade

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade published the Rules for providing the federal subsidies to the Russian Foundation for Technological Development, a federal state autonomous institution, for the projects to implement the labeling of medicinal products in the pharmaceutical industry.

Given the need to modernize the production facilities, equip the production lines for  medicines labeling and high costs of these equipment amid the low margins of manufactured products, in particular, the drugs for lower- and middle price segments included in the List of Vital and Essential Drugs, a number of companies in the pharmaceutical industry are unable to use loan financing offered by commercial credit institutions.

The Industry development Fund will be able to provide targeted loans to implement the projects aimed at creating the infrastructure for labeling all products, including the technical re-equipment of production facilities for drug manufacturing.

These loans cannot be used to finance the research. The plans for the launch phase of the new instrument in the coming year include at least 40 projects on implementation of labeling system in the Russian Federation with the total investments of about 3 billion rubles.

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