Russia manufactured the drugs worth 302 billion rubles in January – November 2017

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In January – November 2017, Russia manufactured the medicinal products for a total amount of 302 billion rubles (ex warehouse prices, including VAT). When calculated in the Russian currency, the growth was 5.9% compared to the same period of last year. In physical terms, the dynamics for the period amounted to only 2%, and the total output in Russia since the beginning of the year was 4.1 billion packages of medicinal products.

Most of this volume (about 95%) comes from Russian companies, the remaining 5% are manufactured by foreign pharmaceutical companies that localized their operations in Russia either on their own or contract production sites.

For shipments of medicinal products this year, the short-term dynamics (compared to previous month) are slightly different from the last year’s trend. On the one hand, in August, the pharmaceutical manufacturers were much more active than a year earlier. On the other hand, a certain “drop” which, in 2016, was reported for November, occurred this year as early as in September. As a result, for this November, the output of medicinal products demonstrated the short-term dynamics of 4.4 percent (compared to October 2017). In November, the shipments of medicinal products amounted to 31 billion rubles in monetary terms, with the ruble-denominated growth reaching the impressive level of 8% compared to the same period of 2016.

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