Russia expands the list of foreign med devices for public procurement restriction

| By | Medical Equipment, Ministry of Industry and Trade

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to add the following types of medical devices to the List of certain types of medical devices originating from foreign states, in respect of which is established the restricted access for the purposes of procurement for state and municipal needs:

  • adhesive dressing materials, including those impregnated or covered with medicinal products;
  • medium and high dose power gamma therapy instruments, apparatus and complexes of contact radiation therapy;
  • ultrasound scanning devices;
  • intraocular lenses;
  • micro sources with Iodine-125;
  • composite filling materials and cements, materials for filling of root canals;
  • osteoplastic surgical materials;
  • set of disposable sterile medical devices;
  • reservoirs for collection, storage and transportation of biological samples for clinical laboratory studies, including vacuum test tubes for taking venous blood samples, tubes for taking capillary blood samples, containers for urine, stool and sputum;
  • prosthetic implants of joints;
  • external fixators;
  • test strips for glucometers to measure glucose level in the blood.

The criterion for inclusion in the list is the availability of at least two Russian companies engaged in similar manufacturing activities.