Researchers in Tomsk develop a fundamentally new anti-inflammatory drug

| By | Drug Development, Tomsk National Research Medical Center

Researchers from Iphar, a Tomsk-based company, are working on an anti-inflammatory drug with a fundamentally new mechanism of action that will ensure its safe use.

“Most anti-inflammatory drugs in the world are cyclooxygenase enzyme inhibitors, or the so-called “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.” The strongest of them, such as indomethacin, virtually cannot be used in the long courses of treatment, as they cause stomach ulcers, which is a side effect of inhibiting the cyclooxygenase,” said Veniamin Khazanov, the General Director of Iphar. “So, what could be done for the people with chronic inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis? In case of successful completion of all tests, our drug will be a breakthrough in the therapy of chronic inflammation because it does not affect cyclooxygenase. Its target is inducible nitric oxide synthase, another enzyme, and it will not have typical side effects of known non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.”

According to the results of tests conducted on animals, we can see that the new drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic action. Veniamin Khazanov added that the medicine exhibits high efficacy and low toxicity, which opens good prospects that it will soon reach the stage of clinical trials.