Pascal Medical is ready for manufacturing high-tech medical products in Russia

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On November 30, 2017, PASCAL MEDICAL commissioned its new plant of disposable injection syringes. This event marked the completion of Phase 1 in the project implemented by this resident on the right bank area of Dubna Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The plant was built with Russian investments and without the involvement of foreign capital. Before obtaining the authorization for commissioning the plant, the company installed, fine-tuned and tested the technological equipment, performed qualification activities, and validated the manufacturing processes. Today, the plant is ready to manufacture high quality products that meet the established requirements.

The project involves several phases. Phase 1 provides for the production of the full range of disposable injection syringes, including insulin and tuberculin syringes. The capacity of production line is 450 million items a year. In the future, the company plans to expand its production lines and the range of manufactured medical devices.

Today, it is designing the next stage, selecting the range of medical products and purchasing the required equipment. To implement it, the company has performed relevant evaluation of the Russian market of medical devices, looking for a way to achieve import substitution, that is set as the state priority. The resident is ready to continue its operations so that the customers have the opportunity to use advanced high quality medical devices made in Russia.

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