Kurgan-based Sintez launches 4 new plastic blood bags to the market

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This fall, Sintez, a Kurgan-based plant of medicinal products and medical devices that is a part of Marathon Pharma, has received the registration certificates for four types of plastic bags for the blood and its components.

The uniqueness of these new products is that they have no analogs in Russia.

“For more than 40 years, Sintez produces medical devices from plastic materials for blood centers and medical institutions. As part of the import substitution program, Sintez launches today 4 new plastic bags for the blood and its components. These devices have no analogs in Russia, and they are in no way inferior to imported models in terms of functionality and technical features. These products are manufactured using the unique German equipment. Our capacities allow to produce them not only for Russia but also for CIS countries,” said Boris Zhorov, the Executive Director of Sintez.

The bags will be available as early as in 2018.

“This is a closed system for collection and storage of blood. They are made in three- or four chamber versions, including with or without a leukocyte filter. These bags have all the necessary options to ensure the safety of blood sampling procedure and blood separation by components. The bags are developed in accordance with the technical regulations on requirements for blood safety,” said Svetlana Ivanova, the Head of the Group of Medical Devices.