Kazakhstan signs direct contracts with 22 foreign drug manufacturers

| By | Kazakhstan, SK-Pharmacy

In 2018, 22 foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers will supply 90 medicinal products to Kazakhstan under direct contracts with SK-Pharmacy to ensure the provision of free medications to Kazakhstanis. The negotiations on supplies of another 4 drugs are underway with one more foreign manufacturer.

The total amount of procurement for 2018 under direct contracts will be 30.5 billion tenge. The Single Distributor may purchase directly the medicinal products that have no analogs registered in Kazakhstan analogues, i. e., there is no competitive environment for procurement of these drugs.

According to Shynar Kuliyeva, the Head of Strategy and International Relations Department at SK-Pharmacy, the conclusion of direct contracts for procurement by the Single Distributor is a strategic area in its activities.

“A special attention is given to direct cooperation with foreign manufacturers, because the procurement without intermediaries allows significant savings of budgetary funds,” said Shynar Kuliyeva.

The practice of direct contracts is used by the Single Distributor since 2011. Over this period, such pharmaceutical giants as GlaxoSmithKline, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Novartis, Teva, and others have become the constant partners of SK-Pharmacy. However, according to Shynar Kuliyeva, the direct procurement of so many drugs occurs for the first time in the history of the Single Distributor.