Guaranteed state order can drive the development of pharma cluster in Astana

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After the implementation of projects and launch of production facilities by Astana Pharm Biosynthesis and Eira Med in Kazakhstan, the guaranteed state order for pharmaceutical products placed through unified distribution system will become a significant driver for improving the investment appeal of these companies and, in general, will contribute to the development of pharmaceutical cluster in Astana.

The long-term contracts were concluded in August 2017 following an open tender.

According to the terms of the contract with Astana Pharm Biosynthesis, the manufacturing of finished medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances must be launched no later than the second half of 2019. Under the contract, the manufacturer plans to begin the production of drugs for the treatment of hepatitis, epilepsy, cancer, circulatory diseases, mental illnesses, etc. Overall, the contract provides for manufacturing of 105 medicinal products. Once the production facility is launched, SK-Pharmacy guarantees to the company the state procurement of its products for 10 years, if these drugs will be included in the list of medicines to be purchased from a single distributor of drugs.

Eira Med plans to start the manufacturing of medical devices in 2021 and, after the successful launch, it will also receive a ten-year state order from the single distributor for 86 medical devices specified in the contract.

Such unprecedented guarantees from the state help the new enterprises to improve their investment appeal and attract the resources required for successful implementation of the projects.