Dutch biotech company launches its ultra fast PCR in France and Switzerland

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Dutch biotechnology company Molecular Biology Systems (MBS) announced it will launch its revolutionary NEXTGENPCR thermal cycler through AMPLITECH, an independent commercial organization offering innovative solutions to the public and private in vitro diagnostic testing market, including cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and pathology labs, in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

The growth potential of the French and Swiss markets for molecular biology tests is considerable, with significant investments being made to develop new molecular diagnostic testing capabilities in all sectors of the life sciences.

Susane Darchis, President and CEO of Amplitech, said, “We believe that NEXTGENPCR is an excellent strategic fit for Amplitech to increase the commercial potential of our PCR-based test ranges, as well as to approach the increasing number of labs facing demands for accelerated results.“

Described as the first real advance in thermal cycling for 15 years, the NEXTGENPCR dramatically slashes current time-consuming DNA amplification from hours to minutes.

Established for over 20 years, AMPLITECH has built a strong reputation in the life sciences and in vitro diagnostic markets, and is well known among the medical genetic community, including prenatal, postnatal, hemato-oncology, and oncology labs.