AstraZeneca conducts 45 clinical trials of its medicinal products in Russia

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At the annual meeting with reporters Irina Panarina, the General Director of AstraZeneca Russia & Eurasia, said that the company is one of the global market leaders in terms of the relative investments in R&D.

In 2016, the company invested $5.9 billion in research and development of new medicinal products, which represents more than 25% of its annual global revenue.

“No one else has such ratio not only in the pharmaceutical market, but also among the top global companies,” said Ms. Panarina.

AstraZeneca is also actively engaged in the research activities in Russia. Currently, 45 clinical trials involving 7.5 thousand patients are under way in Russia for medicinal products manufactured by the company.

“This is 5% of the total number of patients involved in international studies of AstraZeneca,” said Ms. Panarina.

She added that the sales of the company in Russia constitute about 1% of the global figure. This ratio demonstrates strong positions held by AstraZeneca in Russia in the area of local studies.