Active Component will launch manufacturing at its new production site in 2018

Active Component CJSC, one of the leaders of the Russian market in the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical substances, and Pharmcontract Group, a leading chemical and pharmaceutical holding company in Russia, signed an agreement on developing a design concept for the construction of a 20,000 square meter plant for Active Component in the city of Pushkin.

The companies also agreed to design the first stage of a 3000 square meter small and medium tonnage production area for manufacturing the active pharmaceutical ingredients within the plant. The works will be completed by the end of Q4 2018. The output at the new production area will be brought to 40 tons a year.

Active Component plans to make transition to diversified manufacturing. This requires designing the most effective solutions capable of preventing the contamination of raw materials by other products in the process of manufacturing. In view of this, Pharmcontract Group will take into account not only the requirements of good manufacturing practice for specific products, but also the rules established by the manufacturers for arrangement of equipment, such as, the reactor systems, to ensure proper handling and storage of materials.

The manufacturing of exported products will consider both national and international GMP standards and EMEA requirements set by foreign partners during the audits.

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