About 0.5 trillion rubles are allocated for procurement of VED drugs in Russia

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Notwithstanding the market economy, the state must constantly monitor the prices of medicines, because this issue concerns everyone who lives in Russia. This statement was made by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in his interview with Russian TV channels.

“It is the area that requires a sustained control from the state, which should be always stringent. Whose duty is it? This is the duty of the Federal Antimonopoly Service as a part of general state regulation,” said the head of the government.

According to the Prime Minister, the funds allocated annually for procurement of vital and essential drugs (VED) amount to 0.5 trillion rubles. He reminded that, today, the list approved by the government has grown to as many as 699 items.

The Prime Minister added that, in monetary terms, 70% of drugs are purchased outside Russia and only 30% in the country. As for the breakdown by individual brand items, Mr. Medvedev said that 60% of items are purchased in Russia and only 40% abroad. But, when it comes to VED, 85% of medicines are bought in Russia.

According to the Prime Minister, this does not only provide support to the Russian pharmaceutical industry but, objectively, is less expensive and does not depend on currency fluctuations.

“This is exactly the import substitution that we are working on and to which we must pay very close attention,” he said.