A license for pharmaceutical activities will allow retail stores to sell medicines

| By | Ministry of Industry and Trade, OTC Drugs

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to legally establish the right of trading organizations to sell over-the-counter (OTC) drugs under a license for pharmaceutical activities.

The free sale of OTC drugs in trading organizations will improve their availability, including such products as OTC antipyretics, anti-cold drugs, medicines for external use, vitamins, gastrointestinal drugs, absorbent medicinal products, and will create additional conditions to allow consumers the timely replenishment of their home medical kits, which will save time for many busy individuals.

In addition, given the existing monopoly of pharmaceutical and medical organizations with the exclusive right to sell medicinal products, the sales of OTC drugs in retail stores will encourage the competition in this industry and lead to lower prices for certain categories of drugs.

Also, there will be no increase in the circulation of counterfeit drugs, because the stores will buy medicines from the same suppliers as the pharmacies. Moreover, in order to sell the medicinal products, the trading organizations will need to obtain a license for pharmaceutical activities.

At the same time, it is assumed that, as part of its ongoing control measures and inspections, Roszdravnadzor will monitor the compliance with the required conditions of storage and sale of medicines in the retail stores.