A company from Belarus manufactures unique cancer drugs

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Unitekhprom BGU, a Belarusian company, is developing and manufacturing the substances for anticancer drugs, although its product range also includes a number of other oncological medicines. Some of them are actively used by the doctors in Belarus, while others are just entering the phase of clinical trials. One of them is Prospidelong, a gel for the treatment of stomach cancer.

“The substance is already registered, and we will soon begin the pilot clinical trials of the finished dosage form,” said Pavel Bychkovsky, the Director of the company.

He emphasized that Prospidelong is a unique substance, as no one else in the world is manufacturing it.

“In the best case scenario, the trials of Prospidelong will take a year or year and a half. Soon, we will begin the trials aiming to expand the clinical use of Cisplacel, a drug which is currently used for the treatment of brain cancer and, in the future, could be also used to treat the stomach cancer,” said the Director of the company.

The company fully meets the demand for such substances in Belarus. The physical volumes of demanded substances are not that high. For example, each year, there is about a thousand operations related to the brain cancer.

“Today, in the world, there are four medications for local chemotherapy. Three of them are manufactured in Belarus, and the fourth (Gliadel) is produced in the United States. We are developing this business. Our scientists from the Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University have invested a lot of effort into development of these drugs,” said Mr. Bychkovsky.