7.85 billion rubles will be invested to develop Rafarma

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Protek has bought up 40 thousand shares totaling 7.825 billion rubles, that were newly issued by Rafarma, a Lipetsk-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, announced the company. The corresponding agreement was signed on December 4, 2017.

All funds will be used for the development of Rafarma, said a representative of Protek in an interview with Vademecum. In the spring of 2017, Protek spent about 7.3 billion rubles to purchase Rafarma. A share of Rafarma is valued at 195,6 thousand rubles.

Earlier, the administration of Lipetsk region declared that Protek was planning to invest at least 3 billion rubles in the development of Rafarma drug portfolio (including R&D, equipment, clinical trials, and marketing). The company is planning a five-fold expansion in the range of produced medicines by 2021, while the sales of drugs are expected to reach 4-5 billion rubles over the same period, announced the regional administration referring to the strategy of Rafarma. To this end, the number of jobs at the plant located in the village of Terbuny is expected to increase from 230 to 500.

The capacity of Rafarma is utilized by 20%, said Vladimir Ilyushin, the General Director of the company at the conference on Contract Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products in November 2017. He added that four out of five existing plant shops are currently used, but they have high unused production capacity.

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