ZiO-Zdorovie will manufacture Czech drugs in Russia

| By | Drug Manufacturing, ZiO-Zdorovie

The Russian-Czech Economic Forum held in Moscow World Trade Center was marked by the signing of nine Russian-Czech cooperation agreements, including the one concluded between ZiO-Zdorovie CJSC, a Russian company based in Podolsk, and PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s., a Czech pharmaceutical company.

“In addition to ZiO-Zdorovie CJSC, more than 15 Russian pharmaceutical companies participated in tender procedure for manufacturing the Czech drugs. We are happy, that it was our Podolsk-based company that won the bid,” said N.V Safonov, the General Director of ZiO-Zdorovie. “We have signed a contract with the Czech colleagues to produce two drugs, including Ursosan and Indap, and we are planning to manufacture more than 400 million capsules a year, which is approximately 20% of total ZiO-Zdorovie output. This will require to create 45 new jobs at the plant. The annual revenues of ZiO-Zdorovie from the sales of these medicinal products are expected to reach 210 million rubles, and the revenues of PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. from sales of above drugs manufactured by our company in Russia will exceed 4 billion rubles. These amounts will generate taxes, which will be a significant contribution to the Russian economy.”

The commitment to the development of production facilities, professionalism of employees, compliance of the company with international standards are just some of the factors which, according to Jiri Musialek, the Head of the Russian representative office of PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s., distinguish ZiO-Zdorovie CJSC from competitors.

“We decided to transfer 70% of our manufacturing operations to Russia, which is our largest partner, and I am pleased that we found in the company from Podolsk a reliable partner that makes high quality products,” said Jiri Musialek.