Russia’s largest Center for Innovative Drugs will open in Volgograd

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The Scientific Center for Innovative Drugs of the Volgograd State Medical University with its own pilot production facility based in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Cluster of the Volgograd region will begin to operate in December.

“In December, Russia’s largest Center for Innovative Drugs will be commissioned in Volgograd. The equipment and personnel have been prepared, today, we have more than 30 innovative molecules ready for preclinical studies and Phase I clinical trials,” said professor Vladimir Petrov, the chief specialist and clinical pharmacologist of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Speaking to reporters, professor Alexander Spasov, the University department chair and academician of RAS, said that this would be the first center in Russia capable of conducting the entire range of studies in one place, including the study of drug activity, creation of dosage forms, clinical trials, and pilot production.

“The opening ceremony will be held in December. It will take another year or year and a half to become fully operational,” he added.

The center will be the first step in establishing the cluster, a key project for the South of Russia. The entire project is estimated at 7 billion rubles and consists of three stages, during which the plants for manufacturing the medicinal products, including the innovative ones, will be built around the innovation center.