Russian pharmaceutical market reaches 863 billion rubles in Q1-Q3

| By | Novartis, Pharmaceutical Industry, Sanofi

According to AlphaRM, September 2017 ended with the growth in the retail segment and fall in the public segment of the pharmaceutical market compared both to the previous month (+11% and -21%, respectively) and the past year (+1% and -21%, respectively).

Overall, in three quarters of 2017, the total pharmaceutical market reached 863.54 billion rubles and 3.8 billion packages, which is 7% more in monetary terms and 2% more in physical terms compared to the same period of 2016. When we consider each of these segments separately, we can see that, in three quarters, the growth was demonstrated both in retail (+10%) and public (+2%) segments of the pharmaceutical market.

In Q1-Q3 2017, there were no major changes in the ranking of corporations compared to the same period of 2016. The TOP 5 remained the same – Sanofi continues to be the leader of the pharmaceutical market followed by Novartis, Bayer Group, Johnson & Johnson, and Servier. Abbott and GSK switched their ranks. Abbott moved one rank higher (growth of 8%) pushing GSK (growth of 2%) down in the ranking. Pfizer has improved its position in the ranking by two points after showing the growth of about 16%. OTCPharm and Stada have not changed their positions in the ranking compared to the eight months of 2016.

In August 2017, the total share of Top 10 corporations on the pharmaceutical market was 29.15%.