Russia registers OCREVUS for treatment of multiple sclerosis

| By | Drug Registration, Roche

An official press conference was held yesterday to mark the registration of OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) in Russia. The experts discussed the conditions required for providing the innovative therapy to the patients and estimated when it could become available in Russia.

OCREVUS® was registered in Russia in October 2017, a year earlier than in the EU.

“The availability of the first pathogenetic therapy for patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (about 10-15% of patients in the total patient population), whose disability accumulation rate is several times higher than in case of a more common relapsing-remitting disease,” said Alexey Boiko, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Committee of Researchers of Multiple Sclerosis. “Until recently, there was no pathogenetic therapy with proven efficacy for this type of progression of multiple sclerosis. Today, with the registration of this drug, the Russian patients have the opportunity to delay the progression of disability and to realize their dreams of building a career, creating a family and having normal quality of life.”

Ocrelizumab has no analogues in the world for the therapy of primary progressive multiple sclerosis, the most disabling type of this disease. In patients with recurrent multiple sclerosis, OCREVUS® has demonstrated the superior efficacy using three main criteria compared to the therapy standard.

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