R-Pharm localized full-cycle manufacturing of Glatirat

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Yaroslavl Plant of Finished Dosage Forms and Biotechnological Substances, a part of R-Pharm Group, completed the project to localize the full-cycle manufacturing of Glatirat® (glatiramer acetate) in pre-filled syringes for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Total investment in the project amounted to nearly 1 billion rubles. The preparation for the launch of the production site included the purchases of technology and laboratory equipment, appointment of required staff, validation and qualification tests, and audits by the world’s leading manufacturers.

The implementation of the project to manufacture Glatirat® in syringes is in line with the development strategy of R-Pharm Group focused on the development of new competencies and advanced technology, a consistently deeper localization of the manufacturing, and diversification of the product portfolio.

“The Glatirat launching into the Russian market will provide advanced and highly effective drug to Russian patients and will save a significant amount of budgetary funds. In addition, its use in pre-filled syringes greatly simplifies the process of treatment, which allows to reduce the number of medical procedures and significantly lower the risk of spreading the infections, especially in the outpatient setting,” said Vladimir Kolyshkin, the Director of Manufacturing at the Yaroslavl Plant of Finished Dosage Forms and Biotechnological Substances.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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