Novartis, Geropharm and Orion Medic plan to start industrial-scale manufacturing

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Novartis, Geropharm and Orion Medic, the medical and pharmaceutical companies, plan to start commercial serial production of some of their medicinal products and equipment in St. Petersburg before the end of this year. This was announced by Maxim Meyksin, the Chairman of Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation of St. Petersburg.

The plants of Novartis and Orion Medic will be located in Novoorlovskaya Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of St. Petersburg. Novartis plans to start the commercial manufacturing of its medicinal products in November, and Orion Medic will launch its enterprise in December.

In November, Geropharm will begin the serial production of active pharmaceutical substances and original drugs and, in a year (November 2018), it will start producing insulins, said the Chairman of the Committee. A test run of the plant took place this September, added Mr. Meyksin.