NANOLEK will cover the needs for inactivated polio vaccine in Russia

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Polymilex®, an inactivated polio vaccine, is the first IPV fully manufactured in Russia. Nanolek is implementing the project to manufacture this vaccine since 2012.

In five years, the company conducted the clinical trials on safety, efficacy, and quality of the vaccine; and completed the state registration of the drug. Together with Sanofi Pasteur, a French company, Nanolek localized at its site the manufacturing of five-component combination vaccine, which includes a polio component.

So far, Nanolek manufactured and supplied 0.4 million doses of single-component IPV and 1.1 million doses of five-component vaccine with a polio component. The company is also manufacturing additional 1.1 million doses of single-component IPV to be supplied before the end of 2017. This means that, in 2017, on a practical level, the needs in vaccine will be fully met.

Vladimir Khristenko, the President of Nanolek, said, “For the past year, our plant operates virtually around the clock, because we fully understand the heavy responsibility that we bear. All our efforts are focused on manufacturing the polio vaccine and, before the end of this year, the needs of Russia in this vaccine will be fully covered. Next year, we are ready to manufacture 4 million doses of single-component and combination vaccine containing the inactivated polio component, so that we can also fully meet the needs for 2018.”

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