Microgen receives a 1.5 billion ruble loan

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Microgen

Novikombank will provide a 1.5 billion ruble loan for a period of three years to NPO Microgen, a part of Nacimbio Holding Company of Rostec Corporation. The funds will be used to purchase raw materials for manufacturing medicines to implement the state programs.

The parties have maintained a stable and effective cooperation for more than five years. In addition to lending, Novikombank provides Microgen with cash management services and bank guarantees.

“Novikombank is also a partner of Nacimbio, providing bank guarantee and accepting idle cash for deposits. The support to businesses, that satisfy the needs of the national healthcare system in the vital medicinal products, is an important direction of the bank activities. We pay great attention to the funding of high-tech industries, including the biotech,” said Elena Georgieva, the Chairperson of the Management Board of Novikombank.

NPO Microgen is a key manufacturer of vaccines and immunobiological medicines in Russia. The company supplies about 70% of the total volume of vaccines for the National Immunization Calendar.