Immunovaccine and Leidos will jointly work on malaria vaccines

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Immunovaccine Inc., a clinical stage immunotherapy and vaccine company, announced that it is expanding its collaboration with Leidos, a science and technology company, to develop preventative, peptide-based malaria vaccine candidates.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) supported an initial collaboration via a Leidos Malaria Vaccine Development Program (MVDP) sub-contract. Following the achievement of several preclinical milestones in this initial collaboration, Leidos and USAID selected the DepoVax™-based platform as one of the preferred formulations for further development under a new contract extension. Under the new subcontract, the collaborators will conduct additional research that focuses on identifying the most promising target-formulation combinations.

“We are very encouraged by what Immunovaccine and Leidos have together accomplished through this collaboration thus far,” said Frederic Ors, Immunovaccine’s Chief Executive Officer. “The intrinsic mechanism of action that underscores DepoVax has continued to demonstrate the ability to create targeted immune responses across a broad range of difficult diseases. As the program continues to advance, we look forward to the potential for a follow-up clinical study that could leverage our DepoVax technology in the global quest to address malaria.”

The USAID MVDP project aims to evaluate malaria vaccine candidates in the preclinical, clinical, and field stages of development. Research performed under the collaboration with Immunovaccine showed that DepoVax-formulated vaccine candidates comprised of promising T and B cell targets demonstrated protection against the malaria parasite delivered by mosquito bites. The expanded collaboration will continue to advance this research toward potential clinical stage development.

SOURCE: immunovaccine
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