EMA will relocate from London to Amsterdam

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This evening the General Affairs Council of the European Union decided that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will relocate to Amsterdam when it leaves London in 2019.

In all 19 EU countries initially applied to host the agency, though Malta, Croatia and Ireland withdrew shortly before today’s vote. Slovakia’s abstention led to the tie between Milan and Amsterdam in the third round.

Response from the Dutch Minister for Healthcare, Bruno Bruins: ‘This is good news for all patients across Europe. In Amsterdam the EMA will be able to continue its important work without interruption after Brexit. The Agency can continue to grant access to new, innovative medicines without delay and will still be able to respond quickly and effectively in the event of problems with a given drug. Both aspects of the EMA’s role are crucial for all patients in Europe, and we are delighted that the EU made its choice on that basis. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this fine achievement. Now, the real work begins. Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole are fully committed to ensuring the EMA’s relocation runs smoothly. We are ready to get started and we will make sure that the EMA’s important work is not disrupted.’

Statement by Wouter Bos, who served as ambassador for Amsterdam’s EMA bid, ‘Amsterdam scored highly on its proposed premises, easy access, and everything the city has to offer the EMA’s staff. That means Amsterdam is also the right choice for the 500 million Europeans who benefit from the Agency’s work.’

SOURCE: government.nl
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