Drug imports to Russia increased for the first time since 2014

| By | Drug Import, Ministry of Industry and Trade

In January–September 2017, Russia imported 108.7 thousand tons of medicinal products, or 6.5% more than in the same period of the previous year. The experts noted that, after the crisis-induced lull, foreign companies showed their interest in returning to Russian pharmaceutical market.

The increase in the shipments of medicines from abroad was observed for the first time since 2014. A significant growth was reported not only for the volume of supplies but also for the revenues generated by importers. During the first nine months of this year, they increased by 24.1% to reach $6.1 billion. Today, imports mainly represent expensive new generation drugs. The medicines for nasopharyngeal diseases and antirheumatic agents are most often purchased from foreign manufacturers.

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that the increased imports of medicinal products are first of all associated with expanding domestic pharmaceutical market. The share of Russian-made products has also increased proportionally.

In the end-consumer prices reported for January–August 2017, the volume of pharmaceutical market reached 831.6 billion rubles, that is 10.5% increase comparing to the same period of 2016. 30.7% of this figure comes from Russian-made products. For comparison, in 2014, they accounted for 24% of the total market volume, announced the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Ministry noted that the share of Russian pharmaceutical products was also growing in the public procurement. In monetary terms, this figure exceeds 30% (in 2012, 24%). In physical terms, every second tablet is manufactured in Russia (58%). According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in some segments, the share of Russian-made drugs significantly exceeds the market average.