Biotechnopark Koltsovo lab receives accreditation at the international level

| By | Biotechnopark Koltsovo, FAPAS, Laboratories

The testing lab center of Biotechnopark Management Company JSC has confirmed its operational qualification by taking part in the tests held by FAPAS (UK).

The interlaboratory collation test is a mandatory procedure for accredited labs to be held at least once a year.

In late July, the microbiological lab of Biotechnopark received three encoded samples that it had to test in order to identify the pathogens and their quantity in the solution. The assignment was identical for labs admitted for testing and had to be completed at the same time. After successful completion of all necessary procedures, the results were sent to the organizer.

The results of testing were received in September. The cumulative score for the three assignments allowed the testing lab center of Biotechnopark Management Company JSC to rank second out of forty nine.

“We participated in a very representative testing organized by a recognized international center. The testing lab of Biotechnopark has obtained good results, and we will strive to maintain the high rankings, because they demonstrate the qualifications of our employees, technical capabilities of our laboratory and, therefore, the quality of studies conducted in our microbiological lab,” said Elena Gutova, the Director of the Center for Certification and Organization of Preclinical and Clinical Studies at Biotechnopark Koltsovo.

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