Biosintez is establishing new facility to manufacture solid dosage forms

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In November 2017, Biosintez PJSC signed a contract to build new facility for manufacturing solid dosage forms. The construction is scheduled for completion in Q2 2018. The company uses its own funds to finance the construction.

Year over year, Biosintez PJSC is expanding its product portfolio by launching new and highly demanded generics in Russia. This project is no exception. The new facility will have a capacity of about 1.7 billion tablets a year. It will feature the advanced high-tech equipment.

The manufacturing of solid dosage forms holds a leading position in the sales structure of the company. Once the construction is completed, the enterprise will be able to substantially expand its production capacity for manufacturing the tablets and meet the needs of Russian consumers in the latest effective medicines, including those in the list of vital and essential drugs.

At the end of 2016, the shares of the company were acquired by an investor. As a result of this deal, Sun Pharma, a global leader in the manufacturing of generics, has become the main shareholder of Biosintez PJSC.

The construction of this new facility represents the outcome of year-long activities and further integrates Biosintez PJSC into the global business of Sun Pharma.

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