Bionorica marks the 20th anniversary of its activities in Russia

| By | Bionorica SE, Plant-Based Drugs

On October 20, Bionorica held a press conference in Moscow to mark the 20th anniversary of its activities in Russia.

“Looking back today, we see a twenty-year history of the company’s success in Russia. At the same time, we are also optimistic about the future,” said Professor Michael A. Popp, Chairman of the Executive Board and the owner of Bionorica CE, at the press conference. He emphasized that the Russians have long been showing the interest in herbal medicines, “We share this common belief in the healing power of nature.”

In 1997, Bionorica entered the market with herbal medicinal products and opened its representative office in Moscow. Since 2010, Bionorica holds a leading position in Russia among the manufacturers of herbal medicines. The most popular drugs of the company include Sinupret®, Canephron® N, Mastodynon®, and Tonsilgon® N, a stable interest in which allowed the company to increase its share on the market of herbal medicinal products (as measured by sales through pharmacies) to 8.2% even during the crisis of 2016.

With the official ceremony of foundation stone laying held this July, Bionorica launched the construction of its new production site in Voronezh. By investing about 40 million euro in building its own manufacturing unit, Bionorica wants to expand the production capacity and reduce the costs of logistics. In addition, this also provides the benefits in terms of customs and transportation costs. Bionorica plans to launch its production facility in 2021.