Biocad plans to manufacture 22 new drugs at its new production site

Biocad will build a plant in Zelenograd Technology Development Special Economic Zone (TDSEZ) in Moscow, said Dmitry Morozov, the General Director of the company.

The city authorities have allocated 5.6 hectares of land for this purpose, and the surface area of the plant will be 26 thousand sq. m. According to Mr. Morozov, the construction is scheduled to be completed in 2021. The initial investments are estimated at 3 billion rubles, part of which will be provided by a loan. Biocad plans to manufacture 22 new medicines at its new production site. Most of them are included in the List of Vital & Essential Drugs and are used for the treatment of oncological, autoimmune and orphan diseases. In addition, the company will manufacture 11.5 kg of substances a year.

The plant will be built under a state contract for the amount of 14 billion rubles that was signed by Biocad in September 2017. According to the terms of this contract, the company will become the sole supplier of antitumor drugs for the needs of the Moscow Department of Health in 2021-2027. Dmitry Morozov estimated that the payback period of the project would be ten years. However, to reduce this period, the company plans to expand its product range and supply the drugs not only to Moscow but also to other regions. Mr. Morozov added that, during the construction of the plant, Biocad intended to use all existing state benefits.