Alkor Bio Group will continue to export its test systems to Kyrgyzstan

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In mid-autumn, Alkor Bio Group, a Russian developer and manufacturer of test systems for laboratory diagnostics using ELISA and PCR, has received the registration certificate for the use of a wide range of its test systems in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Drug Provision and Medical Equipment Department of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic issued the registration certificate for a line of reagents used in hormonal diagnostics (adrenal function, thyroid function, reproductive function, prenatal screening), line of tumor markers, products for in vitro allergy diagnosis (test system; allergens, allergen mixes and allergen components for the system), test system for detection HIV and hepatitis B using enzyme immunoassay method. In 2012, all these test systems have already been registered in the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health but, according to the laws of the Republic, the medical devices must be re-registered every five years.

Kyrgyzstan is a traditional importer of products manufactured by Alkor Bio Group. Alkor Bio entered the market of Kyrgyzstan 15 years ago (in 2002), when the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health registered its line of test systems for hormonal diagnosis. After the release of new test systems, Alkor Bio Group has always expanded the range of its products exported to Kyrgyzstan. Alkor Bio has also participated many times in the key events held by Kyrgyzstan in the area of laboratory medicine.

Alkor Bio Group sells its products to 15 countries and plans to expand both the geography and volumes of exports.

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