A new production facility will be built in Togliatti SEZ

During the meeting of the expert council of Togliatti Special Economic Zone (SEZ) the application of Mabscale LLC to establish a production facility for pharmaceutical substances and finished dosage forms has been reviewed.

This is the initiative of Ozone Pharmaceuticals, the founder of Ozone which has already successfully launched its pharmaceutical manufacturing operations in SEZ. The new project is aimed not only at manufacturing the medicinal products, but also the raw materials for them.

“The expert council approved the new pharmaceutical project in Togliatti SEZ, which will further strengthen the existing pharmaceutical cluster in the region. It is valuable that an existing investor is expanding its presence in the special economic zone. Such high quality activity demonstrated at the site by the residents from one industry corresponds to the objectives that we set for SEZ at its establishment,” said Alexander Kobenko, the acting Vice Governor – Minister for Economic Development, Investments and Trade of Samara Region.

The program of Mabscale is fully focused on import substitution and manufacturing of advanced vital and essential drugs. The investments in the new project are estimated at nearly 500 million rubles. The number of reported new jobs is 50. The new enterprise will be built on the land plot of 5.19 hectares close to the operating Ozone Pharm plant. In 6 years after the start of its operations in SEZ, the investor plans to capture 30-35 % of the available market.

Mabscale LLC will be the second company in Togliatti SEZ representing the pharmaceutical industry and the ninth company on the site not related to the manufacturing of automotive components. The construction of the plant is scheduled to start in 2020, and the launch of the enterprise is expected in 2024.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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