Valenta Pharm completes the construction of a plant in Shchyolkovo

Valenta Pharm announced that it had completed the construction and reconstruction of the pharmaceutical plant shops located at 2, Fabrichnaya St., Shchyolkovo, Russian Federation.

The company received the conclusion of the Main Department of State Construction Supervision of Moscow region on the conformity of facility to the requirements of technical regulations and design documentation.

The new production facilities are used for manufacturing solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules), injectable drugs, and accommodate quality control labs and a major research center. The new Valenta plant is equipped with the latest equipment from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The design of the plant has successfully passed all necessary qualification tests for compliance with the requirements of good manufacturing practices.  All manufacturing stages meet the international requirements of good manufacturing practices. The plant is using computerized Business Management System (BMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS). A phased deployment of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is expected in the near future.

The capacity of the plant is 2 billion tablets and capsules and 30 million ampoules a year.

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